Indoor Winds

We are pleased to showcase our catalog of marching band music. Written by the finest arrangers and composers in the business, they are beautifully crafted shows suitable for a wide range of skill levels. All shows can be customized to highlight your ensemble's strengths and shadow weaknesses. Unless otherwise noted, the music listed does not include add-ons such as percussion arrangements, drill, soundscape, etc.


Magical Forest

Difficulty: Medium
Copyright clearance required: No

Enter the Magical Forest, a musical and visual experience of the wonder and delight. Meet mystical creatures and journey through the twists and turns of this imaginative place. This Indoor Winds show tells the story of entering this wonderful dreamscape, the journey within, and the escape to freedom. Complete with Full Front Ensemble, Bass Guitar, and Synth, this show is perfect for those who want to electrify their repertoire!

Written by Joshua V. Hinkel and Aaron Railey

Percussion Includes:
- Front Ensemble
- Synthesizers
- Bass Guitar
- Drum Set

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Price: $ 1000

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