Concert Percussion

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Written By: James Boyce
Difficulty: Easy
Copyright clearance required: No

Heist was originally composed for the South Lenoir High School percussion section of the South Lenoir High School Band in Deep Run, North Carolina. The piece was written for a limited number of percussion instruments that are commonly found in most high school and middle school band rooms, with the addition of piano and electric bass.

The piece, though not specific in nature, leans toward programmatic. For example, the title implies a situation involving thievery, but the decision about whether the piece is depicting a Robin Hood character or a greedy villain is left up to the listener. To help set the tone, one might find the stealthy but light style of the piece similar to that of films such as “The Thomas Crown Affair” and the “Oceans 11, 12 and 13” series.

Though the piece is not specifically programmatic, the listener may be guided by some intentions of the compositional flow. First, the piece is written from the perspective of the thief. It begins as if he/she/they are in a contemplative state, but quickly moving to the planning and/or preparing stage. Next, the piece builds to a climax including a bombastic drumming section that could represent a struggle or fight. The last portion of the piece could be interpreted as a chase, or fleeing from the scene. As the music fades, you’ll hear recollections from the beginning, contemplative state of the piece that eventually fades to away, leaving the listener to decide whether or not the thief or thieves get away.

In general, the listener is encouraged to use their imagination to create the story for the piece. Was the thief justified in their actions? Do they eventually get caught? All of this is left up to you! Maybe your imagination will create an entirely different situation altogether!

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