Visual Design

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? The music or the drill? The smile or Monk?

Who knows, and that's the point: Great music and great drill should coexist in a way that transcends individual elements and leaves viewers wondering which was created first. It's about coordination—and it guides everything we do.

We'll let you in on a little secret: coordination is achieved through the implementation of a vision—the product of close communication among the visual and musical designers. Thus, the most coordinated package comes from a design team who communicates frequently, openly, and in detail as we do at Marching Monk. When you allow us to outfit your band with great music and fantastic visual design, you will experience coordinated effect at its finest!

Our Visual Design for Marching Bands

  • the drillcomplete with Pyware 3D-generated full-page sets along with individual student coordinate sheets. Our product includes "subsets" for easier teaching and cleaning of complex transitions.
  • dedication to designing teachable, cleanable, and logical drill with clear, detailed instructions.
  • cognizance of the unique strengths and ability levels of your students to be translated into the visual design
  • extras such as fully-planned color guard equipment changes, prop placement, suggestions for moments of body movement, horn lifts, directional facings, and more.

To complete your total visual package, we can also design your color guard book as well as create distinctive, approachable body movement and "horn visuals" for the entire band.