Musical Design

Musical Design for the Winds

1. Original Compositions and Commissions: Whether you are purchasing an original composition or commissioning a new work, an all-original show from Marching Monk assures your placement on the cutting edge of marching musical design. We custom-fit music that highlights band members’ strengths and produce an overall package for enhancing performance success. Our "concept-first" design maximizes visual-to-musical coordination by incorporating the various moods, motives, and flavors evoked by your concept. The result is ultimate clarity and effectiveness.

If you're interested in commissioning a new composition for your concert band; Marching Monk is in the process of creating a library of quality, unique music to be played indoors.

2. New Arrangements: If you have already chosen a piece you would like custom arranged for your ensemble, let us add our unique flair and skill in matching the music to the talents of your students.

3. Catalog of Arrangements: We have a catalog of arranged music and full show packages that can be customized to fit your instrumental requirements. With the exception of compositions in the public domain, the compositions listed are copyrighted works that must be licensed to you by the copyright holder prior to our creating your custom arrangement. We will assist you in acquiring the license from the copyright holder. For more information on these shows or to request our full catalog, click here.

Musical Design for the Percussion Section

Percussion arrangements are the heart and soul of your program’s musical effectiveness. The wind and percussion designers at Marching Monk have worked together for over 20 years and are intimately familiar with each other’s writing style and what works. We know what needs to be written to fully complement all musical voices. We communicate daily and coordinate because success depends on the front percussion ensemble, the batterie, and the wind design working hand-in-hand at all times to produce maximum impact and contribution with no lapses in continuity or effect.

Musical Design for the Concert Percussion Ensemble

When the marching season is over and your percussionists are yawning over their one crash cymbal note in the first 186 measures of your concert opener—it’s time to call Marching Monk. With extensive experience composing and arranging for the two-time W.G.I. Scholastic Concert Percussion World Champions at Fort Mill (S.C.) High School, we can customize a composition or arrangement that fits your instrumentation and students’ abilities. Our services are the perfect "palate cleanser" for a spring concert—our fresh, innovative percussion ensemble music will help develop and sharpen student skills during the off-season.

Musical Design for the Indoor Drumline

Marching Monk can design a complete indoor marching percussion show, including concept selection, musical and drill design, prop design, uniform suggestions, etc. We can handle all design aspects or select aspects based on your needs.