Copyright Information

In order for us to create a new arrangement for you or sell you music that we previously arranged, we must have written permission from the copyright holder. With the exception of compositions in the public domain, the compositions we have arranged are copyrighted. We will assist you in acquiring the license from the copyright holder. Bands are responsible for all "permission to arrange and/or perform" licensing fees. The licensing procedure takes about 4 weeks; please plan accordingly.

We typically use Tresona Multimedia to obtain licenses. If you would like to use Tresona, please follow these three easy steps:

1. Go to Tresona Multimedia ( and create an two accounts: an individual account and an ensemble account.

2. Once prompted, enter the selection of music and any other details, for which you are requesting a license and click Submit.

3. Tresona will notify you when your license has been approved or denied or if there are issues with your request.