Consultation Services

Conceptual Design

We oversee and manage all aspects of show design including conceptualization, brainstorming and planning of effects, musical selection, and design of the musical and visual elements. Allowing us to "sweat the details" of your concept and design enables you to focus on the performance aspects of your organization. (Read More)

Show Design

If you already have a concept in mind we can step in and handle everything else to produce the final product.

Program Coordination

If you have already chosen a show and designers we can oversee, consult with, and organize your staff of wind and percussion arrangers, visual designers, color guard designers, movement designers, and prop designers to enhance consistency and elements coordination.

Consultation throughout the Marching Band Season

After your marching band show is complete, we can offer objective feedback on the finished product. Each week you can send us a video of your show and we'll offer valuable advice about ways to:

• Develop, tweak and maximize your general effect moments
• Tighten up your musical ensemble and eliminate “phasing”
• Enhance your visual production with band movements, visuals and horn lifts 
• Fix problems or make needed changes

Guest Clinician

The best way to ensure that the intent of the design is fully realized is to engage the actual designers to rehearse your ensemble and offer constructive comments and critique. Available on a daily or weekly basis, their expertise and pedagogy can be a highly rewarding experience for your students and staff, and can further enhance the performance level of your group by maximizing the show's potential.