Our Company

Marching Monk was founded after our realization that a marching band's success is usually determined well before they arrive on the band camp practice field. Design is a core element: An average band with a great show is better positioned for a desirable outcome than a great band with an average show.

Marching Monk offers a total array of musical design, visual design, conceptual design, and program coordination for marching bands, concert bands, and indoor marching and concert percussion ensembles. When you peruse our Services you will quickly see how Marching Monk can be the first and final destination for all your marching band design needs.

What is "great design"? First and foremost, it is clear intention in every phrase, every measure, every beat. Secondly, that clarity of intent must be delivered in a vehicle that is fresh, innovative, creative, and custom-tailored to highlight the strengths of your band. Finally, the design must elicit one simple word from the viewer: "Wow!"

At Marching Monk we are dedicated to producing the most effective product available to our clients. In doing so we continue our long tradition of excellence and give you supreme confidence as you enter the competitive season.