Do you grade the music in your catalog for level of difficulty?
We grade our music on a three-tiered scale: Easy (nationally-accepted standard grade range of 2–3), Intermediate (grade range of 3–4), and Difficult (grade range of 4–5).

What is the time period for performing a purchased show?
Shows can be used for one competitive season. Additional permission is required for use beyond one competitive season.

Can I view scores for perusal?
Absolutely. We will send watermarked scores for your perusal by email.

Can I mix and match movements of your different shows to make my own show?
Yes. You can create your own show with the individual movements of your choice.

Can Marching Monk make adjustments to a show?
Yes, we can shorten or lengthen a show, simplify or reduce instrumentation, alter a transition, elongate a cadence point, and more for an additional charge. Please contact us for more details.

Can we change the show title or make adjustments to the music?
Yes and yes! You may retitle a show to fit your theme or concept. We understand that you may need to adjust or alter the music to better fit your ensemble. We trust that any edits will be artistically appropriate.

Do you provide notation files (such as Finale or Sibelius)?
For numerous reasons, we prefer not to provide notation files. This is common among publishers. However, if you have a specific need for the notation file, please contact us to discuss.

Why should I use percussion arrangements written by Marching Monk instead of using my own percussion staff?
Percussion arrangements are the heart and soul of your program’s musical effectiveness. The wind and percussion designers at Marching Monk have worked together for over 25 years and are intimately familiar with each other’s writing style and what works. We know what needs to be written to fully complement all musical voices. We communicate daily and coordinate because success depends on the front percussion ensemble, the batterie, and the wind design working hand-in-hand at all times to produce maximum impact and contribution with no lapses in continuity or effect.

Is it possible to convert a marching band show into an indoor drumline show?
Yes. While there are exceptions, almost any marching band show in our catalog can be converted into an indoor drumline show.

I have decided to purchase a show, what is the next step?
For arrangements not in the public domain, we must secure permission to create a derivative work from the copyright holder. Once we receive signed documentation from the copyright holder, we can proceed with the arrangement. No exceptions will be made. Bands are responsible for all "permission to arrange and/or perform" licensing fees. We can assist you in acquiring the license from the copyright holder, which typically takes about 4 weeks.

Payment Methods
Payment or a signed contract must be received in advance. Payment can be made by check, money order, PayPal or Purchase Order. We also offer the flexibility of a payment plan. Please note that if you choose the PayPal option, PayPal’s 3% surcharge will be added to your total show cost.

Refund Policy
Once you have received your show from Marching Monk, we are unable to offer a refund. In some cases performance rights for the purchased show may be extended or a credit given for the following season.

What is the public domain?
Public domain works are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license or fee to use, nor do you need permission to create a derivative work from the copyright holder. All other music, including everything you would probably want to use, is under copyright protection and must be properly licensed before being used.

What is the term of the license?
If you purchase an existing arrangement, composition, or show, you have performance rights for one competitive season. Use of the work beyond this time period will require additional permission.

Why should I choose Marching Monk for my music and design needs?
A Marching Monk-designed product incorporates experience, creativity, passion, and proven success on the local, regional and national levels. Working with Marching Monk means you have given your students the best opportunity for success as you enter the competitive season.