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Put on an award-winning marching band show and become the marching band everyone else is jealous of. 

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Make Them Wonder How You Did It.

Marching band show design shouldn’t feel like a dreaded chore. 
At Marching Monk, we provide marching band music and design services to help you put on a stress-free, award-winning show that gives your students a chance to shine. 

Everything You Need to Create Your Marching Band Show, All in One Place!

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marching band music or show design. Your band, goals, and budget are unique. So whatever you need for your marching band show, we’ve got you covered. 

• 200+ Customizable, Previously Written Shows
• Custom Wind Arrangements
• Percussion Arrangements
• Soundscape, Sound Effects, & Voiceover
• Indoor Drumline
• Concert Percussion 

• Drill
• Color Guard Choreography
• Band Choreography
• Costume Design
• Flag Design
• Front Screen Panel Design
• Prop Design

• Conceptual Design
• Program Coordination
• Show Design
• In-Season Feedback
• Guest Clinician

• Click Tracks
• Virtual Performance Videos
• Band Show Apparel
• Copyright Assistance


Don’t Lose Another Summer to Marching Band Stress 

It’s not easy to be a good band director. In fact, it’s downright overwhelming most of the time.

Then, just as the school year is winding down and you’re ready for a well-deserved summer break, you have to start single-handedly designing a marching band show for the fall.

If you’re tired of losing your summertime to marching band stress, we’re here for you. We know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves.

With our marching band music and design services, you can leave all the hard work to us and actually enjoy your summer. When you come back in the fall, you can look forward to a stunning show where your students shine.

Helping Marching Bands Shine Since 2005 

At Marching Monk, we know you want to be an award-winning band director who has a marching band everyone else is jealous of. To get there, you need a better marching band show. The problem is that designing a marching band show is difficult — and expensive! — which can leave you feeling frustrated about what to do, anxious about how you’ll do it, and stressed about how it’ll go.

The show must go on, so don’t wait to get started!

Schedule a consultation with us today so we can get to know you and your band needs. Then, choose your music so we can put together the perfect show for your marching band. And finally, celebrate your success with high fives all around! So, take the first step and schedule your consultation with us today. 

Don’t miss out! Schedule your consultation today so you can stop feeling like an overwhelmed band director with a mediocre marching band and instead, become an award-winning band director who has a marching band everyone else is jealous of! 

“The level of detail and customization provided during Marching Monk’s design process keep me coming back. We’re a competitive band without a large budget. Using a Marching Monk show allowed us to compete with top-tier bands in our region. Their well-written music was both accessible and challenging to our students. We received SO MANY great design comments — the show really fit what our judges were looking for competitively.”

Chris Whitehurst
Director of Bands
“The Blue Machine,” Camden High School 

“Bill and the Marching Monk team made my first year of teaching significantly easier. We chose music that fit my group; the adjustments Marching Monk made to the score and drill helped position my students for success. In fact, they earned their highest competition scores ever! I believe Marching Monk’s drill and music helped our students feel confident and successful.”

Austin Ahlborn
Director of Bands
Lincolnview High School

Start Designing Your Show!

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation Chat
Let’s chat so we can get to know you and your band, discover what you need, and offer suggestions consistent with your budget and goals.

Step 2: Choose Your Music
After you pick, we’ll tailor your music and design services to perfectly fit your vision. 

Step 2: Choose Your Music
Celebrate your success with high fives all around!