2018 Marching Band Shows & Original Arrangements

We are pleased to showcase our catalog of marching band music. Written by the finest arrangers and composers in the business, they are beautifully crafted shows suitable for a wide range of skill levels. All shows can be customized to highlight your ensemble’s strengths and shadow weaknesses. Unless otherwise noted, the music listed does not include add-ons such as percussion arrangements, drill, soundscape, etc.

From The Earth To The Moon, II

Written By: Joshua V. Hinkel
Difficulty: Intermediate
Copyright clearance required: Yes

The journey from the Earth to the Moon is one that has not been rivaled and stands as a testament to what man is capable of dreaming, laboring for, sacrificing for, and consequently achieving. It is a pivotal moment in our country’s history that reshaped the accessibility of the “American Dream” and made anything seem possible again. All you have to do is look to the stars. Utilizing themes from Copland’s Appalachian Spring as the common thread, this production brings out the very best of the American spirit.

The dream has been dreamt, the rockets and equipment have been built, sacrifices have been made, and it is time to countdown to one of the greatest achievements of our country and mankind. This great production concludes with a synthesis of all of the previous ideas and music in dramatic fashion as we achieve and journey From The Earth To The Moon!

Percussion arrangements are included.

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With the exception of compositions in the public domain, the compositions listed above are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners. Pursuant to United States copyright law, a license from the copyright holder is required prior to the creation of a custom arrangement for your group.

We will assist you in acquiring the license from the copyright holder, which is not typically a difficult endeavor, but we cannot guarantee that the license will be granted.

How to Choose a Marching Band Show

Every marching band is different. So every show design or concept should be, too. But how do you choose the show music that’s right for your ensemble?

The criteria picking a great drill show vary from one ensemble to the next, but a few constants hold true when selecting your band’s perfect marching band theme and musical arrangements.

Awesome Marching Band shows: an anatomy lesson

Before you can decide on your band’s marching/field show concept, you’ll need to decide what the most important factors are for you and your group.

Some ensembles favor music over visual design. Others follow the recent DCI-inspired trend of a heavy visual/GE focus, and find music to match.

Let’s look at the important categories or criteria for picking the perfect marching band show design:

1. Music

Music selection for any ensemble is hard job in and of itself. And the task is only made harder when programming for a marching ensemble.

A good field show infuses its music with life, giving it an energy unlike any other performance idiom.

When deciding your show’s source material, keep in mind the skill level of your ensemble as well as your goals for them. The music selection should present a challenge while still highlighting the band's talents.

2. Drill / Visual

The same is true for your marching band visual design, too. Your drill, body work, and dance/choreography shouldn't been too easy. These visual elements represent an opportunity for your group to grow and improve themselves as marching band musicians.

And while we’re on the subject of improving your members: be sure you prioritize your band over the audience.

The needs and talents of your ensemble should supersede whatever selection would be considered a crowd-pleaser.

A good drill show will make the best use of the space. So, when making your choice, have the venue in mind and work with it. How can you fill that space or take advantage of it in your show?

3. General Effect

Much has been said over the past 20 years about the rise of the General Effect caption in marching arts adjudication and competition circuits. This guide won’t rehash any of those arguments, but it’s safe to say that GE isn’t going anywhere.

So what’s a marching band show designer to do about that?

To start with, especially when in the early planning stages of programming your group’s show concept, think of GE as a guiding principle: is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?

Do the moves and grooves compliment each other and combine into a true performance, beyond just a series of notes and dots?

That’s hard to quantify, but it’s a reasonable approximation of how to design your marching repertoire for GE.


The Big Box of Boring Band-Director Business

Most marching band directors and staff/show designers already know the above info. So let’s cut to the chase—

Here’s the master list of things to consider when choosing a marching band show theme:


Is the price right?


Is the difficulty level appropriate for the experience level in each of your sections?

Are there modified parts for beginners and inexperienced players?


Will your students enjoy performing the show?


Are instrumentation options available?

Are size options available?


Is the arranger/composer known for expertise in marching band design?

Is drill included with drill charts and animation?


Is the music accessible, will your hometown audience enjoy listening to it?

Is the musical style and show appropriate for your area?


Will the program provide your group with the opportunity for competitive success?


Are mp3s and audio files of samples used in the arrangement included?

Are practice tools available?


Is the show an original composition or an arrangement of copyrighted music?

Can you afford the licensing costs?