Marching Band Hornline: Getting to Each Individual

Posted July 19, 2018 by Ben Harloff

Making sure that each individual in a marching band’s hornline is playing and contributing at their best is one of the biggest challenges faced by any band director. That’s because the only way a full hornline can produce optimal sound is if each individual is maximizing their contribution to the line. 

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Wind Instruments: Marching Band Versus Concert Band

Posted July 10, 2018 by Ben Harloff

Over the course of a school year, band students may play in different kinds of ensembles. For example, in addition to performing a solo, a student could perform in a concert band, an orchestra, a jazz band, a marching band, a pep band, a musical pit, and a chamber ensemble. Playing in different ensembles may require students to change gears and take different approaches to their instruments, which can be a challenging adjustment. 

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The Marching Band Student Leadership Team: Part 1

Posted June 18, 2018 by Ben Harloff

The success of the student leadership team in a marching band is crucial to the success of the band as a whole. You can look at the leadership team as being another band director — they can help with business items, lead sectionals, be role models, give private lessons, organize drill and music, and help students who need extra direction. The options are endless. It is important to know that every band is different, so every leadership team will also look different. The Pride of Broken Arrow’s leadership team, for example, might not look the same as Tarpon Springs’.

As a director, you know your program more than anyone, so you will know what kind of leadership team the band needs. Some of the determining factors for choosing your leadership team will be the size of the band, the culture of the school/band, the ability of each section, the age of the band, the size of the staff, the performance schedule, and the goals of the season.

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20 Must Haves for Drum Corps Tour

Posted June 6, 2018 by Paula Monique

Summer tour is fast approaching, bringing with it two months of travel, rehearsals and a lot of sunshine for corps members. So before you hit the road, make sure you have these drum corps essentials on your packing list!

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Summer 2018: Put Yourself First ... for Your Students

Posted May 30, 2018 by Ben Harloff

When you step onto the podium after summer break, your students deserve the best version of you. We all know how important the role of a band director is today. Students look up to us in many ways, and we need to be everything we can for them. Whether your summer break lasts one week or three months, you should take time to insure you’ll be at your best when you return.

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Drum Corps In May

Posted May 27, 2018

This is drum corps in May: where the drum corps is built from the ground up.

May drum corps is far removed from the grueling temperatures, the shiny medals, the jam-packed stands.

By May, DCA corps have moved outside permanently.  DCI corps have begun to move in for the summer.

The members rehearse through the frigid mornings of early May, the scorching afternoons of Memorial Day weekends and the damp evenings that never go away.

Absent are the bulky props and flashy show design, and most of the completed production.  This is a bare-bones style of drum corps, a coloring book with none of the bright colors filled in.

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